TBC Plans

Further to the recent announcements from Blizzard, we have now been able to decide on the direction of the guild as we move into TBC.

Historically, the guild was well known as a home of some of the better players in the world, and our progress/speed/execution rankings reflected this. We've done well to stick to our semi-hardcore mission in classic, clearing content faster than the majority of guilds, allowing multiple mains in multiple raid groups. The council team believes the guild still has more to offer with our strong core.

New mission

During the pre-patch we will be transitioning into a hardcore guild, as the time we've been putting into classic will easily allow us to maintain a hardcore TBC schedule. We will be aiming to be at the top end of whatever metric is relevant.

Due to the phased release, we will require all raiders to have 2 characters of the same role (with few exceptions), for example 2 ranged dps such as a mage and a warlock, or 2 hunters. These characters will all do full raid clears and take part in gear splits.

Our intention is to enter T5 with a 30 man raid team who share the common goal of pushing the guild to its limits and are not only interested in their own personal logs/loot.

We need players who can work together as a team, suggest and learn new tactics and continuously improve their roles.

Recruitment is now open for players that believe they will push the limits of the guild.

Our raids will continue as they are until the release of TBC, with our current mission.

We look forward to obtaining our new goals in TBC!

We will be prepared. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxPreRMG5KU

Who are Infamous?

We are not just a guild, we are a long-standing community of players enjoying playing games together, social nights and real life meetings, whilst still pushing ourselves to be among the best at the game.

Infamous was formally an established raiding guild for 7 years on Outland-EU realm. We have continued our community on Classic WoW, clearing all content expediently and look forward to TBC.

The guild leader is the former guild leader whom brings his previous experience to ensure we're at the top end of progression.

We maintained an excellent track record in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK and Cataclysm (top 100) including killing Kel'Thuzad (Naxx40) pre-TBC. We also had a long list of the world's fastest boss kills.

Our guild includes a mixture of former officers & raiders with great pedigree, current cutting edge retail raiders, PVPers with rank 1 titles and rank 14s.

In Classic we have been consistently among the top Horde guilds on the server for both progression and speed, and also achieved EU/NA 1st Horde Hakkar Hard Mode.

Current Raid times (server time - 1 day a week schedule):
Tuesday 20:00 - 23:30
Wednesday 20:00 - 23:30

We have 2 balanced raid groups, so we raid TWICE per reset. We allow people to play 2 main characters should they wish to. Each group raids on alternative weeks, so we raid 2 days in a row, every other week. We do not require you to be in both raids, we simply offer the option as a benefit.

We also create social 20 man runs.

We expect high attendance levels so that we don't need to over-recruit and dilute loot further.

We are now recruiting additional raiders to bolster our 2 raids and begin preparation for TBC.

We offer you the opportunity to raid on 2 characters, so that you don't need to find pugs!

Loot rules:
Loot is distributed using Loot Council, where using our past experience with the system we ensure loot assignment is both fair and aimed at progression.

Currently recruiting:
Exceptional applicants & TBC applicants


TBC related questions are towards the end of this form. If you're applying specificly for TBC, please view the questions at the bottom first but attempt to also complete the questions higher up the form.

1Personal Info
2Character Info
3General Info
4TBC Info

If you answered yes, please answer the below

Once submitted we will contact you via Discord or ingame.

If you have any issues with your submisson please mail infamousgehennas@gmail.com