Who are Infamous?

We are not just a guild, we are a long-standing community of players enjoying playing games together, social nights and real life meetings, whilst still pushing ourselves to be among the best at the game.

Infamous was formally an established raiding guild for 7 years on Outland-EU realm. We maintained an excellent track record in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK and Cataclysm (top 100) including killing Kel'Thuzad (Naxx40) pre-TBC. We also had a long list of the world's fastest boss kills. We continued our community on Classic WoW, obtaining our objectives such as EU/NA 1st Horde Hakkar Hard Mode and 2 equal split runs weekly, clearing all content expediently.

We have proven in TBC that we have beeen in contention with some of the fastest speed clears in the world, and have some of the best players among their relevant specs/roles within our ranks, whilst also securing top 5 progress kills.

We are now recruiting players which will enable us to continue to optimise our performance and strengthen our community.


Infamous will continue to raid in WotLK! We are accepting applications for those that do not wish to begin raiding until the next expansion. All requirements below are still the same, please complete the form, with all relevant information.

What we expect from you

What we offer you

Raid schedule

When content is on farm, we complete 2 full clears of relevant raids. These clears take place on the following days.

This schedule will be extended during the first week of progress and PTRs, to ensure content is cleared expediently. You should expect the following schedule, however we attempt to create raids as soon as the PTR comes up, even if that's a Friday.

Loot rules

Loot is distributed using Loot Council, where using our past experience with the system we ensure loot assignment is both fair and aimed at progression.

Currently recruiting


1Personal Info
2Character Info
3General Info

Once submitted we will contact you via Discord or ingame.

If you have any issues with your submisson please mail infamousgehennas@gmail.com